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On the Buses

There are buses running all over the island but do not necessarily run on time. You can catch them from almost every street corner. You just put your hand out and they will stop for you. The locals use them all the time and the fares are very cheap compared to the UK.  Of Course !   Buses are used on the mainland to travel long distances  to and from most places as well. 

Hire Cars

Most of the well known names are here.  Hertz, Europcar , Holiday Autos etc,. etc,.  and including lots of  private local car hire business men. Rates can vary tremendously so go ahead and haggle for the best price.  Petrol is not as cheap as it once was but still cheaper than the UK prices and its all unleaded only.  Personally,  I've always hired a car from an international known business name and have never had a problem with the vehicle.   But,  always check-out the car before you sign for it inside and outside including the engine oil and tyres.

European Annual Car Breakdown Insurance    &   UK Annual Car Breakdown Insurance



The Roads

There is a national motorway  E35  running from Athens west over the Korinthos Canal to Patras then on south via Pirgos all the way to Kalamata. We have travelled extensively all over the southern Peloponissos ( southern mainland ) and have never had any problems. The route is well sign posted.  You must observe the speed limits though.  The Greek Police will fine you on the spot if caught speeding. Always carry a good set of large scale maps of the area's you expect to travel in..  The  Michelin Map No 737 National  was the best for our needs.




There are trains only on the mainland in GREECE running on a single track rail system.  But because of the  hilly terrain destinations are of course limited. You can travel from Athens to the west coast and on down south to Kalamata.  You can also travel north from Athens to Thessaloniki then catch a local bus or hire a car to get to where you want to arrive.  We've done it and its fun.   Oh, and the tickets are also cheap.  You could even train it back to the UK, Victoria Station, London. It takes about 5 Days. I've done it a long time ago and it was fantastic.



Island Ferries

All the ferries and hydrofoils arrive and depart at the town harbour.  If you want to visit the Greek mainland while in Zakynthos, you'll need a ticket to Kilini. This is a regular run and takes about 1 hour 20 minutes to make the crossing.  All the ferries carry cars, passengers, trucks and coaches and some times live stock. The passenger lounges  on these  Island Ferries  are  very modern, air conditioned  and comfortable. There's even an escalator to take you up to the passenger lounge area.  Being up on deck is just fabulous taking in all the scenery.   Relax,  you're on Holiday.

Compared to the Isle of Wight Ferries from say, Lymington or Portsmouth, these Greek ferries are a luxury and much cheaper too, oh and cleaner !  However if you use them always be safety conscious.




All aircraft,  International or internal flights come and go from most of the islands  and you can day trip down to Crete, Kalamata, Athens or use them to visit other islands on the eastern side of the mainland.  This mode of transport seems to be a popular method these days for backpackers and explorers.  Seats are cheap on internal flights.  Most flights though arriving at Zakynthos are tourists arriving for a holiday break and some of the local business people.







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