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                                                                               Fish Taverna's




A Family Taverna that specialises in fish dishes,  up on the north east coast at Makris Gialos.........

and  this is  Koula's Favourite Place !


This is the Family seated behind us who own the two Taverna's.  They really made us feel welcome.  

If you like fish, crab, squid and red snapper or sea bream dishes, then this is the place to come to. They go out to sea in the day time to catch the fish and serve it at night real fresh.  Its cooked on an open char Grille. Just add a glass of wine to fini.



This is the Boat that goes out to sea at 0300  to the deep water channel near Kefalonia Island and brings back the daily fresh catch for the Restaurant



A couple of views while eating your meals




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