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                                                     Mike's Side  -  Patras          


            6th Generation originally from  Zakynthos  Island


        Charalambos Maroutha 

Mikes  Greek  Grandfather  


                                  About  The MAROUTHA's     

         The  name "Maroutha Plateia"   is taken from the family who originally owned all the surrounding land  at what was then the top of the city on a plateau overlooking Patras and the harbour far below.   The Plateia still exists today and consists of what was once a very large area of farming land and included the typical community square ( Plateia).  This was the traditional public and families meeting place bordered by an Orthodox church. There was also a string of Taverna's and cafe's  with masses of tables and chairs out in the open warm air amongst the vibrant green weeping fig tree's complete with cake shops, bakery and a peripito. There was a substantial  basement wine cellar underneath a barbers shop. The family also owned the open-air cinema at the plateia. 

         At night the whole of Maroutha Plateia (the square) was lit by hundreds of bright sparkling lights trailed over the tree tops with the  faint aroma of cinnamon on the light evening breeze, open roasting spits of lamb, lots of wine flowing and infectious Greek  Bouzouki music.

Towards the harbour, there is also  remains of an early Christian crusaders fort with its commanding field of view over the seaward approaches in a dominating position affording protection high above the city.



There were five brothers and five sisters not all shown above and I truly loved them's to a long life for the family.

Mitchos, Poppy, Theoni, Regina, Marianna, Georgia, Yaya Adonia Maroutha (Mike's Sicilian Grandmother), Haris, Takkis (Panayotis) & Spiros,  1964        

                                        My Family in Patras    (Zakynthians)                                               

Missing from the above picture: Adrianna (Mike's Mother), Maria & Kiki, Georgos & Lefteris.



The Patras based family originated from the island of Zakynthos about six generations ago where the family name remains today in the hill top village of Kiliomeno on Zakynthos. The family were once considerable land owners and food farmers  of PATRAS going back six generations but since around the 1920's,  most of the land has been stolen from the family and Greece with all its current financial problems, records  are almost non-existent in terms of legal pursuit. All the farming land, orange &  various fruit tree and olive groves are all gone and have been replaced by modern buildings. 

Today the large old family house remains but dwarfed by numerous blocks of  modern high rise flats and apartments.  Such is the need for greedy profit, human accommodation for an ever expanding population and modern progress. The square remains and is only just recognisable. Who knows, maybe one day Mike could be the beneficiary  of  substantial property rents from all the numerous high rise buildings as he is today the sole senior direct descendant surviving family male.   The Marouda family is noted for its conspicuously beautiful women being daughters and wives and producing famous musicians of Greek music both in the traditional and modern popular styles.  Takkis Marouda, Mikes uncle, has left a lasting legacy of his music by having toured the entire Mediterranean basin performing his music in each country and is still remembered throughout Greece today.  Recently re-discovered,  Hara Kefala, Mikes cousin, also performs on television and the Greek Opera house. Music clips can be seen on YouTube.  The family has nurtured a lot of talent across the generations.

Adrianna ..................Mike's Mother       Ellinitha   



Spiros  Mike  and  Mitchos                                                                                                                      1999



Mike's Cousin - Antonia   Patras                              2005


My Aunty Maria with Baby his Christening.


Mike's Cousin - Haroula (Hara) with Anna  at Corinthos                                     1994




Η Κρατική Ορχήστρα Θεσσαλονίκης υποδέχεται το 2013 με ένα εορταστικό πρόγραμμα πολλών� Όσκαρ, που μας ταξιδεύει με αγαπημένες μελωδίες από το Hollywood ως το Broadway και από γνωστές ταινίες σε πολυβραβευμένα μιούζικαλ, την Τρίτη 1 Ιανουαρίου 2013, ώρα 19:00 στην Αίθουσα Φίλων Μουσικής (Μ1), του Μεγάρου Μουσικής Θεσσαλονίκης.

Έργα των Λέοναρντ Μπέρντσαϊν, Τζωρτζ Γκέρσουϊν, Λίροι Άντερσον, ζωντανεύουν εικόνες μεταξύ άλλων από το West Side Story, το Chicago και το Cabaret, ενώ τραγούδια σε ενορχήστρωση του Γιάννη Γκίκα και με την ερμηνεία της μοναδικής Χαράς Κεφαλά μας μεταφέρουν στις χρυσές εποχές της έβδομης τέχνης. 

Την Κρατική Ορχήστρα Θεσσαλονίκης διευθύνει ο Αλέξανδρος Μυράτ.

Τιμές εισιτηρίων: 
Πλατεία: 20�, Θεωρεία/Εξώστης: 10 � 
Μειωμένα (σε όλες τις ζώνες):  10 � 
(ισχύουν για μαθητές, φοιτητές, σπουδαστές ωδείων, πολύτεκνους, ανέργους, ΑΜΕΑ, κατόχους Κάρτας Πολιτισμού)

Προπώληση εισιτηρίων: 
�	Εκδοτήριο ΚΟΘ, Πλατεία Αριστοτέλους, τηλ.: 2310 236990
Τρίτη-Παρασκευή 11:00 � 21:00
Σάββατο-Δευτέρα 11:00 � 18:00
�	Χ.Α.Ν. Θεσσαλονίκης, τηλ.: 2310 241007
Δευτέρα-Παρασκευή 8:00-20:00 και Σάββατο 8:00-14:00
�	Χ.Α.Ν. Καλαμαριάς, Μουρουζηδών 12, 55132, τηλ.: 2310 454700

Another more recent picture of   Haroula (Hara) Kefala B

Mike's 1st Cousin Marianna        Navigating Officer of her merchant ship  M/V MADELEINE 

       2nd cousin Reggina              cousin Antonia    cousin Marianna


Aunty Reggina Maroutha and her life long trusty friend,  Elli.

Mike's 2nd cousin Reggina 

My cousin Marianna and her son Makis                                                        August 2011

Mike's niece Louisa,  Aunty Regina and uncle Mitchos



Uncle Mitchos.........a most Magnificent Greek                    Mike's 1st Cousin Marianna   


Mike and Anna   pictured recently after Mike's  successful Chemo Therapy treatment for Cancer




                   Mike's Side - Napoli,  Italy


  The Dibello Family wing.......Details being collected     





           Mike's Side -  UK     free british flag union jack animation    

Wedding Day  for  Mike's Mum & Dad - in the Anglican Church,  Piraeus, Athens, Greece   -   March 1948   Animated-Flag-United-Kingdom.gif


Southend-On-Sea Pier     "Happy Newly Wed's"


Fred & Adrianna, (Mike's Mum & Dad).                                         Adrianna   ( Mike's Greek Mother )

Late Summer  1948                                                                                        1954




  Dad on week-end leave years ago............Kennington Park Road, South London




   Adrianna, Mike (Baby) Fred (Dad), Betty (My Granny), young David, uncle Lawrence & aunty Joan      Adrianna (Mike's Mum), Harry, Marina, Hercules & Mike.

  1949                                                                                                                                   1959   



A Little Sailor boy 

Adrianna (Mum) & Michael - Kennington Park, South London 1953


  Wedding Day for aunty Joan and uncle Pete                                                                                                                                         April 1971


Winchester Recruitment Office early summer 1965       The Day I joined the Royal Navy 



Navy Days  Just Starting Out  1965

Boogis Street Mess Run, Singapore 1971, Duffy Duffers, Taff Evans, Mike (Mac), Bogey Knight, Jim Brown, Charlie Charlesworth & Maggot.



Mike at the Banda, Silver Sands beach, Mombasa Kenya April 1971          Mike  Paul  Marina & Anna 1990

Hong Kong Peak District  photo-run with  Jock McDougal  Winter 70/71


Paul & Marina          July 2005       (Mikes Brother-in-law  and  sister).


Dad & Son,  Simon Paul - 8 months old  "Summertime"  Farnham, Surrey  1973

Young Simon Age 5


Simon Paul at Glenfield aged 8


Simon  Paul (lower left )  Apprentice Days - Seta Group - Southampton


Mike & Anna's Grandson -  Lucas with mum Christina        November 2000

Mike's Grandson Lucas Age 8

Anna..........meeting Max & Joyce                                                                  1988

Anna & Mike................ Pictured during Their Engagement      Patras Greece  1989


Mike Pina Anna & Carmelo   at a local wedding reception


Aunty Anne, Tracy  (Mike's cousin) and Uncle Dave


Mike's Cousin Ken with his lovely wife Linda


Mike's Cousin Lorraine with Aunty Joan.....her mum.

Uncle Taff.............and his Wild Geese .....the Para's

Uncle Taff and Aunty Joan



The  author  at work repairing  an  IFR FM/AM-1200  Super  S  communications test set


Mike's Dad,  Aunty Joan  &  Uncle David 2008



Dad and Joyce                                                                                                                              Maleme ,  Crete   Sept 2011            


Mike's Chemo Treatment at Southampton  University Hospital   

Mike, during intensive Chemo Therapy  treatment for Cancer - Southampton  Sept 2010 - Feb 2011

NOTE: not one member of  his English family visited him while receiving Chemo  for  4 weeks 

except for his Wife Anna, ex-father-in-law,  Jim  and ex-brother-in-law, Tim.   Say's it all really !!


Better Times.  Mike  (The Concilliary) & Joe,  waiting to call in a favour.............!!!??


Anna's  "Hen Night"  just before the Big Day


A Fine Day for a Wedding


  Marina,  Dad,  Mike,  Joyce  &  the  Best Man - Matthew H W, Lt.Cmdr. RN (Rtd).



        Patiently awaiting the Bride                           Anna & Dad  arriving  on her Wedding Day


Mike   &  Marco                                                Beautiful Anna & Dad Carmelo


Britta, Mike, Anna and Matthew - Mike's very best man



Giuseppina (Anna's Mum),  Anna and Carmelo  (Anna's Dad),              Marco & his Beautiful Mum              


The  ( almost ) complete UK Family Wing   July 1995

Vic, Louby, Ken, Paul, Marina, Fred, Dave, Joyce, Lynda, Anne, Mike, Mithli, Mike, Anna, James, Giuseppina, Carmelo, Soula, Loula, Joe,  Franco, Tania & Marco



Wedding Day for...........................  Mike and his Beautiful Bride ...... Anna         


   The Honeymoon              "The Sud-Bahir"     Agadir      Morocco     Animated Moroccan Flag


Twenty three Years on together.        Mike recovering from Chemo Therapy treatment              July 2011

Marco, sexy Anna, Mike & Franco


A Couple of Dudes.................The A team - Marco & Mike.



                                                                        Mike & Anna    Present Day   





                           Anna's Side   

 The Cannavo's   circa 1958   originally from Sicily  


Anna, Franco, Angelina, Carmelo (my Dad), Giuseppina (my Mum), Giuseppe & Duilio.        The Cosanostra's - Jason, Tony & Carlo    ( Mike's Nephews )  


 Sisters..... Angelina & Anna,  Giuseppe, Giuseppina (Anna's  Mum), Franco,   & Duilio                                                              Circa 1958

Young Sisters.................... Anna and Angelina  - Kenya Mombasa, East Africa                                 1963

                                         Anna                     Jane Talbot                 Angelina             Mombasa,    1964


Giuseppina  (my Mum)   Carmelo  (my Dad)  


Joe  circa 1965                                                                         Angelina    Anna's  Grandmother

The Cannavo's & friends Party Night , Mombasa Beach Hotel, Kenya     circa  1968   


Circa 1969     


Laila Cannavo                                                        Franco   Joe   Bob   &  Duilio.           The Goodfellows   

Shelly Beach Sands, Mombasa, Kenya Circa 1971 


Anna and a very young  Marco - Mombasa, Kenya - July 1975

Marco - 12 Years  of Age


Someday  I will ask you for a Favour........Capish ?  



Franco, Pina  ( The last picture with Mum) and Joe out in Oman                      circa 2004




Godmother Anna & Baby Ella   on Christening Day 3rd July 2011


Exceptionally Proud Parents, Holy, Jason &...........Godmother Anna with Baby Ella



The Oman Family Wing

Laila   &  Duilio. 



Toni & Natasha

Natasha, Tamasha, Tania & Mithli

Anna's brother - Duilio......with his daughters


Natasha,       Tania,               Mithli  &.........young  Tamasha










Beautiful Ladies - Mithli,  Natasha, Tamasha......... Mikes & Anna's nieces



Tania on her wedding Day      (Mike & Anna's niece).                      Tania & Mark Together

Sarah,  Adrian, Tania, Mark & Mark's Dad.........David     Pictured here in Cornwall


Mithli and Azzan on their  wedding Day  (Mike & Anna's niece).

Tamasha's wedding day & sister Natasha   (Mike & Anna's nieces).





                            Sicilia Family Wing- Messina  


The Siciliano family Wing  of  Messina  2009       


Grandfather Francesco                                      Zio  Orazio,

Orazio,     Lila,            Nuncio                               Francesco, Rita, Salvatori, Giovanni




Taormina  Sicily  2009  - The Famous tourist resort..............Coffee was �24.00  per cup !

Isabella, aunty Margarita, Anna, Angela & aunty Ilda





                                                                        Italia -  Anzio

Anna & Uncle Aldo Beltrano



Anna, cousin Anna & cousin Angela




The Italian family Wing  of             Rome


Aunty Tina, Anna ,  cousin Duilio, uncle Aldo &  aunty Louisa





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