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If You want the Dream....Come to Zakynthos 




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Excellent Beaches, Warm Clean Sea, Sunshine, Friendly People, Good food and Fine Wines

Zakynthos, also known as Zante, is one of the largest Ionian islands just off the west coast of Greece and south by 8.5 miles from the beautiful island of Kefalonia.  Zante is an island very rich in history dating back to 1500 BC, from the Achaeans through to Roman times and more recently the Venetians. A beautiful green island with many attractions it is even possible to catch a glimpse of Loggerhead Turtles gathering to lay their eggs on the southern shores. The landscape is one of green slopes, olive groves and craggy coasts interspersed with beautiful white beaches. Once described by the Venetians as the 'Flower of the East'  this charming island has all the positive ingredients for a great holiday.

Zakynthos is a wonderful destination for couples. There are great beaches all around the island. The best ones are on the eastern side. The most popular beaches are Alikes, Alikanas, and Agassi. On the west part, the cliffs falling into the sea make the beach inaccessible but you can swim at the famous Navagio, a beach created around an actual shipwreck that can only be reached by boat, and at the Limnionas lagoon.









 Turtle Bay                                                    The Famous Smugglers Cove at Sun Set                                                  


Special Boat parties go to this World Famous  Beach  at Smugglers Cove


Town Harbour  early evening


Secret yacht Anchorages


An Olive Grove

This tree and many of the others are said to be over four hundred years old and still produce fine Olives today.



You can see Kefalonia Island to the North                                            Anna alongside the Harbour



The Blue Caves                                                              Another View of Smugglers Cove


You can only get to this Beach by boat - its the famous Smugglers Cove.




Time to leave and head back to the "digs" for a shower.  Sun's going down anyway.


Warm inviting turquoise sea to play & swim in






Zakynthos Town  and Harbour view with  the resort of Argassi in the distance.


Romantic Harbour Lights at Night

If You want the Dream....Come to Zakynthos 


Zakynthos Town and Harbour below


Zante town is a delight - a proper working town, which although busy with tourists is not overrun by them as there are no beaches close by.  It is a great place to shop. Yet away from the main street the town still retains its Greek identity with a variety of interesting local shops that are a delight to explore in. 

It is after all, the town where most of the Zakynthians themselves go to shop.  Visiting cruise liners have ensured that the shopping is comparable

to that in any of the worlds capital cities.


Zakynthos Town Harbour with  "CUNARD'S  QE2"  Visiting for the Day  September 2005


Fishing Boats and the Ionian Ferry's in the Harbour

Just strolling along the Harbour front


Is this beauty Greek or Sicilian ?


Beach Exploration & Wind Surfing


These  Beaches are so crowded !  This is Turtle Bay Beach with 2 miles of sandy beach


Turtle Beach  - Caretta Caretta



Sight seeing by train ride around the Harbour and down the coast to Argassi.


Centre of Town at 13.30.   All the locals sleep during the afternoon.


 Makris Gialos Village  Lots of  Fish Taverna's around here



There are so many Coffee shops. You can sit outside and watch life pass by 


We stopped in a side street Café called    "The Tasty Corner"




Christos and Ellen who together run this very successful corner Cafe - "The Tasty Corner"  in the middle of Zakynthos Town


Lots of  Gift shops


Local Book & Card Shop






Long Shot.........Anna and Mike caught on camera



     Travelling around Greece   Wonderful Greece









   More Special views of  the Beaches 











A couple of Beach Bums !!

Harbour Water Taxi















Beach Babes: Beach Babes 218.jpg










On The Rocks..................








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Zakynthos Time









The Cheeky Girls


Late night Romantic stroll along the beach ?   

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A Magical place  especially for lovers....................    




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