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           Internet Cafe's  in Zakynthos




For those of you who want to keep in touch with Home, Friends and the outside world.  You'll be pleased to know there are a number of Internet Cafe's  in the Town area including some on the coastal resorts. 


                               We recommend this as the Best One


This is the  most modern  Internet cafe we found  in Zakynthos called  "CONNECT INTERNET"   at   88,  LOMVARDOU  on the Town Harbour road in Zakynthos town.   The staff are friendly and very helpful and  also offer you light refreshments whilst using their gear.    As you can see from the photo's,  the cafe is very comfortable.  





                                                                        DO YOU KNOW THIS GUY ?



We found that this place was very popular especially with the overseas visitors.


There is enough room for gamers

We visited  "Connect internet "  every other day to check our  e-mails.

There is also outside seating whilst you relax with a coffee


Claudia and Anna chatting


If You want to stay in touch via the internet go to the  CONNECT  INTERNET Cafe


Contact the Owner:      ANTONIS  KROUSTIS

Telephone:                   Zakynthos   26950 44622





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