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More and more people are opting for the KATA form of taxation because it is very beneficial for entrepreneurs. With a monthly payment of 50 thousand dollars the corporate and personal income tax, contributions and the social contribution tax are resolved. Administrative work is also minimal, so you don’t even need an accountant. Not only employees, KATAS, would like to get home. The big question is, do banks give home loans to KATAs? If they are given under what conditions?

In answer to the previous question, KATA entrepreneurs can get a home loan, but there are a few things that should be clarified. It is important to know what qualifies as a certified income for KATA entrepreneurs. Income is one of the most important issues when borrowing, and this is not the case here, as financial institutions determine the amount of loan repayment that can be made.

The JTM (Income Proportional Rate Indicator) determines how much of your income can be used to repay a loan. The installment payment may not be higher than 25% of the monthly net salary, the limit is below 400 thousand dollars, and in the case of income above 30%. And for mortgages with a fixed repayment period of five to ten years, the limits are 35% and 40%, respectively. The 50 and 60% limits apply only to fixed mortgage loans for a minimum period of ten years or until the end of the term. As of July 1, 2019, the decree allows for a monthly income of $ 500,000 instead of the current $ 400,000.


Home Loans for KATA – Income

Home Loans for KATA - Income

  • For KATA: An important question is how and to what extent credit institutions accept KATA revenue. In all cases, the amount shown on the NAV Certificate of Income, which is 60% of the amount invoiced in the given closed year, is deemed income.
  • Bt.: If the person wishing to borrow is not a sole proprietor but a Limited Liability Company, which must have at least two members. In this case, the members’ income is halved. This is true even if only one member of the Bt is active and he or she actually spends the entire KATA income. Another important limitation is BT. in the case of the fact that only the member who is registered is issued a certificate of income. However, the income of a member of a small taxpayer is determined on the basis of 50% of the invoiced amount.


Home Loans for KATA – Borrower History

Home Loans for KATA - Borrower History

The attitude of financial institutions is very different with regard to the borrower’s history:

  • Some credit institutions provide credit for two complete calendar years.
  • There are banks that link credit to at least one complete calendar year.
  • Some lending institutions have 12 months to operate. However, in this case only the income of the closed year will be included in the NAV income certificate. The bank divides this by 12 to calculate the monthly income taken into account.


So for KATA businesses

money business

60% of the invoiced amount will be certified income, which will determine the amount of loan repayment that can be made. It’s a good idea to look around the home loan market thoroughly, because with the same amount of credit, there may be big differences between individual loan schemes, saving up to $ 10,000 a month if you make the right choice.

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