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Hiring a car these days couldn't be easier but there are a few pit falls  that must be avoided and its all to do with costs. Its all very easy to go for

Its all very easy to go for the cheapest cost because non of us has a bottomless bank account, least of all me.  There is also a great temptation to wait until you arrive in Greece then book a car for a week or two locally.     Big mistake guys !   

Some of the smaller traders have very unusual terms and conditions to comply with. Some times the contract for short term hire is only printed in Greek. By signing one of these hire contracts you could find you're under oath to marry the grandmother when you return the car at the end of your holiday !!    If its very cheap,  why?   If it seems to good to be true, then it isn't !    Just be careful before you sign.   Book using your credit card not cash.   The card transaction is traceable if there's a long term problem.

Before you go on holiday, find a reputable company here in the UK, read and fully understand their terms and conditions, make sure you have unlimited mileage, full waiver damage insurance, hustle a price then book to arrange pick-up at your arrival airport..........At the arrival Airport check the vehicle out first, tyres, bodywork and interior before you sign anything.  Simple, no more fussing around with disappointments and your covered.  Also make sure you also have a tank of petrol to start off with.   That's exactly what we do. 

One more thing to mention.  At the airport, thoroughly check the car over and engine oil before you drive it away including the tyres. Understand and  agree with the hire car representative what time you must return the car before catching your flight  back to the UK.  Finally,  make sure you return the vehicle with a full tank of petrol or they will sting your credit card for a full tank.

Petrol is now about the same price as the UK. All garages take credit cards.


NOTE:  Some people will tell you don't drive in Athens.   Well....................If you can drive around London UK,  then you wont have a problem in Athens.


Always carry your  British Drivers Licence  with you







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