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                                                                   Our Special Friends





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Our Special Friends and all the Good Times with them:  Koula, Eva, Takis, Vangelis, Polina & Jimmys,     Jimmys,  Loukas, Xanthipi, Nicos, Tassos, Costas & Maria, Jimmy's, Soula, Anastasia, Soula, Loui, Andreas and Roula . Dimmitris & Georgos, Maria, Kostas.


An old friend from 54 years ago when we were kids..........Arghiri.                                   Patras    Sept 2011



    Zakynthos                                                                                                                      Sept 2009


   Anna, Koula and Mike  visiting the Kanpi Taverna - Zakynthos


   Dimmitris, Mike, Anna & Georgos in Kitries



    Andreas, Roula, Anna & Children


    Maria & Costas



    Nikos, Xanthipi & Anna


    Tasos, Deneeze,  Anna and Nicos at the   "Aperitto Restaurant"  South Shore


    Birthday Cake  time for Mike once again,  thanks to Nicos and his wife


    At the "Peppermint Restaurant"   Argassi


    Nicos and Xanthipi..............her Name Day Present



    Giuseppe,  Mike,  Anna,  Marco,  Roberto &  Francesco  out for dinner  one  Saturday evening.



Mike & over in Los Angeles USA                        The Girls...........Michele, Mia  and  Maegan




    Anna, Koula and Anastasia

         The Photos below were taken on a night-out in one of Zakynthos's oldest surviving Taverna's near the Yacht Club. As you can see.......We all had a really good time





         Singing their hearts out                                                                       We all started  singing after a few glasses


         We just stopped the cars on the way home and started dancing in the street at  2.0 am !!


        I think this was taken in a car park  alongside the main road.......Anna's always up Dancing.




       Yeh !  I know,.................We stopped for another break and ...................a couple more drinks at 04.00 !!


       Well we are on  holiday after all !



    My Birthday & Koula's surprise Cake at the  "Garden in the Sky Taverna"





                                                              The Group Below Photograph



                                   The Good Guys

         Takis,  Eva,   Anna,  Koula,  Polina & Jimmys.     

            Boy this lot really know how to enjoy themselves.    Where am I ?    Well,............ I'm  the guy taking the pictures..........of course.


       Koula and Anna  Zakynthos  September 2005


       Out For a Swim




       Eva, Takis, Vangelis, Anna & Mike   in  Piraeus - Athens September 2005  



       Tamara  & Anna   visiting a Hilltop Monastery near Marathonas  just north of Athens   September 2005



       Yasou Loukas                                                                                                       Sept 2005


       At Home ( Marathonas )  Loukas,  Tamara, Anna, Mike and Tony.  Younger brother Haris went to bed early.

     Simply Wonderful Hospitality


    Tamara, Mike and Anna........Mike is a typical ex-sailor.......a woman on each arm - always on the pull !!




      Hey Loukas ! .......... It says.................We have won the Lottery !!



       Xanthipi,  our Baker's wife with Anna at the Tranakas Bakery on Zakynthos Island





       Nikos and his lovely wife ..........Xanthipi                              October 2007


       Kalamaki Taverna  -  Many thanks to our hosts  - Xanthipi  and  Nicos.  We had a fantastic celebration dinner   September 2007






    Jimmy,  Soula and daughter Anastasia   


                                                                                                                                                                                 Oct  2007







      Agrilia Supermarket Crew


     Soula, Loui, Andreas, Roula and grandson,  Dennis  at the Agrilia





       My Best Mate's son Carl who joined us in Zakynthos with his wife Debbie - Sept/Oct 2007



     Vasiliki & Dimmitris   Owners of the  Beautiful Taverna "Thalami "  -   Kitries  2003


      This is now a Famous Picture


      My Beautiful Wife Anna,  Zakynthos Island , GREECE   September  '06

      NOTE:  We found the owner of the blue boat behind Anna.  He's 97 years young and still goes out fishing every day on his own !





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