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Back to By Sea


                       Arrival by  Air






         Come to Zakynthos and explore  





Finals for the Run Way prior to Landing .............Kefalonia is just visible to the North


Just Landed at Zante Airport.   This is the Start of  your Holiday.



Many different airlines carry holiday makers to this airport from all over the world



Generally you will have a two hour wait at this small airport so carry bottled water with you for refreshment


This is the bit I hate cause to be honest,  I never really want to go home .

Up, Up and away   !


On the Fight in the right seat.



Damn !! We're on the way back. Skipper's just given the UK weather over the intercom.......Cold and Wet !

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Zakynthos Time   




We hope to see you again Next Year


 With Love from all of us in  ZAKYNTHOS 










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