Bad credit? Need a car loan? You’re not alone

How to get a car loan?

Do you urgently need a new car but don’t have the money? No problem, you can get a car loan. Flexible terms, low-interest rates and the comparison of up to 20 offers: these are the advantages that a car loan from the best bank brings. In addition, the money is paid out immediately and no credit bureau information is obtained in advance. That means that even with a negative credit bureau entry, arranging a loan is not a problem for us. Secure your car loan now and make a free, no-obligation inquiry. With just a few clicks, the way to the new car is paved.

With our loan comparison you save yourself high costs and unnecessary ways. The audition at different banks or at the dealer is no longer necessary, as is the complete disclosure of your financial and personal background. To get a car loan – or another type of loan – from us, you only have to meet the following three criteria:

    1. You are of legal age
    2. You have a permanent residence in Germany
    3. You have a regular income

If these requirements are met, there is no reason not to fill out a loan application immediately and sit back. We do the work! Within a very short time we will get in touch with our contacts, have the same terms, interest rates and risks and will present you with the best offers for your car loan. Tailored individually to your needs and possibilities. In the end, choose the car loan that best suits you and send the relevant documents back. If none of our offers meet your taste, you will not incur any costs!

A loan comparison is always worthwhile. Because depending on the lender, there are big differences in terms. And your needs and wishes are not always taken into account. It often takes months to find a car loan offer that fits your needs. We will provide you with up to 20 offers within a very short space of time, which you can compare without even having to set foot on your doorstep. Completely non-binding and free of charge.

What distinguishes the car loan from other loans?

A car loan is usually a so-called installment loan. This means that the financing for your car is created over a certain period of time – the term. In addition, a certain borrowing rate that is due per year is negotiated. The total amount calculated from this is divided into installments, which are usually payable monthly. However, flexible rates are also possible in the amount. The conditions for financing can be freely negotiated in this way. For example, a balloon loan is also possible. This relies on very low rates at the beginning of the term, but becomes increasingly expensive towards the end.

A car loan designed in this way can best be compared to a leasing contract. The difference is that the vehicle registration is not with the bank, but with you. The car is your property immediately. The last installment of balloon financing can be up to half of the total loan amount. Then you have to decide whether you want to keep the vehicle and pay the installment or whether you want the car to become the property of the bank. However, rescheduling through another loan is also possible. So you divide the last installment into several smaller installments and do not have to hand in your new car. This type of funding is also called three-way funding. For more information on debt restructuring, we recommend our credit advisor.

How much is the loan?

How much is the loan?

With your application, you essentially determine the loan amount for your car loan yourself. Depending on what your new car should cost and the amount you would like to finance, the loan amounts offered can amount to between 1,000 and 50,000 USD. The advantage of our loans: The payment is made immediately. You can choose whether you want to transfer the money to your checking account or receive it in cash.

Buying a car can be an expensive undertaking. Especially if the financial situation does not look rosy at the moment and you are dependent on a car, the vehicle must be purchased quickly. With our service, however, you do not have to go to your bank as a petitioner for months: With a simple loan application, you can still lay the foundation for a fast car loan today. We process your application immediately and negotiate with several banks in order to be able to finance your new car as cheaply, quickly and easily as possible. credit bureau entries and other hurdles that you would possibly fail at a conventional bank do not play a role in lending to us.

How to get a cheap loan

How to get a cheap loan

Neither credit bureau entries nor the usual collateral required by your house bank are relevant criteria for us to grant a loan. For many years we have selected our borrowers based on just three factors:

  • Between 18 and 75 years old
  • Permanent residence in Germany
  • Regular income

Regardless of whether you want to finance a car, a motorcycle, a vacation or home repairs, you don’t even have to specify the purpose in your loan application. In addition, the conditions are flexible. The amount of the installments can be agreed with the lender as well as other details. Term, the possibility of special repayments or three-way financing are just three examples of the flexible conditions that are possible with a car loan.

No problems with car loans

Save yourself time and trouble by speaking to your house bank. Use our loan comparison and receive up to 20 offers for your tailor-made car loan within a short time. We guarantee low interest rates, flexible terms and rate protection. In addition, we offer quick placements so that you can enjoy your new car as quickly as possible. The loan application is non-binding and free of charge. And even if you change your mind after we have put together the best offers for you: You don’t pay a cent if no loan agreement is concluded.

Car financing can be so simple: With a car loan arranged by us, you determine the conditions yourself without becoming a transparent citizen. We do not collect credit bureau information and do not examine you as your bank would do. Secure your car loan now.