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        By Sea from  "Kilini"  on the Mainland to Zakynthos Island



Taking a car from the mainland and two passengers costs around �29.00 one way, and generally takes one hour twenty minutes. These are roll-on roll-off ferries and there are adequate refreshments onboard for your comfort.

Your mobile phone will even work continuously through out the crossing. Very handy !


 Come to Zakynthos and explore  



This is the approach to Zakynthos Island looking West  at 3 miles  range

Excuse me Honey ................. Do you speak English ?   Chow Bella !! 


Just about to turn Starboard for the harbour entrance  at 1 mile range

Foc'sle hands getting ready to slip the Anchor if we need it.


This one's just leaving the Island and heading back to Kilini on the mainland.




Honey, where are you staying on the Island ?



There's the entrance to the harbour  at 1/4 mile range




We're in and tied-up along side at last.  We've got to get our car off the ferry now.

Its great to be back 


There's the way out to Laganas, turn left at the Customs House & on to the main road


Town view from the ship

Town view from the ship


Excuse me Honey ........ Scousa signorina  voiumposagio ala isola Zakynthos  ......are you looking for a lift ?


These inter-island Ferries will carry all types of vehicles.............. Just amazing !


Come to Zakynthos and explore  



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