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When travelling to any part of the world you should be aware of some   "tips & advice"  that may be of help to you and avoid some uncomfortable moments

during your holiday break.  Seasoned travellers will know this so try not to get caught out and just have fun,  you're on Holiday.


Zakynthos Local Time

Try to Avoid                                             

bulletEating under-cooked meats of any description
bulletFish and shellfish unless its freshly caught on the same day
bulletStaying in the Sun uncovered for more than 30 Minutes  without Sun Cream Protection or adequate clothing
bulletSuspicious foods from back street markets or street vendors
bulletFreshly made Ice cream
bulletCutting or injuring  your skin to avoid infection
bulletNever give-up or hand over your Passport to anyone except the Police or a Government identified Official
bulletNever argue with a  UK  or  Foreign Customs Officer,  it will always cost you more money
bulletTake care with local Tap Water, its OK if boiled for a cup-of-tea. Use bottled water when you're able to




What we suggest

bulletDrink lots of bottled water to avoid dehydration. It does get hot out there especially in mid-summer
bulletWear a hat to cover your head when out in the strong mid-day sun
bulletEat lots of fresh fruit. There's lots of it growing on the island and sold locally in all the shops and it really is fresh
bulletBring your own tea bags with you. The local stuff just isn't quite up to it
bulletBuy a large scale map of the island. This gives you lots of detail if your driving or biking around exploring the place
bulletKnow where the main Police station is in Zakynthos Town Harbour.  The Police do speak English we've tested them 
bulletKnow where a Doctor or Hospital is.  Zakynthos Town centre  Tel:  26950-42514   26950-42515
bulletCarry some First Aid items with you including some Mosquito Repellent.  Try 'BOOTS Mosquito Milk'  it really works and stop's the bites
bulletAlways maintain personal hygiene, its very essential  in hot climates
bulletIf you cut, break  or graze your skin you must treat the wound immediately to avoid risk of infection. Serious infections can develop fast in hot climates and sometimes can lead  to serious complications
bulletKnow where the British Consulate is, in case you need legal assistance help or advice, in the Town centre.  Contact Mrs Vicky Vitsou Tel: 26950-48030 - 22906 
bulletKnow exactly where your holiday residence is so you can get back to it at night
bulletCarry a camera with you in case of an accident, then get as many pictures as you can for insurance purposes
bulletKeep a small transistor radio with you to check with the BBC for current news items
bulletRemember they drive on the wrong side of the road.
bulletIf you rent a motorcycle,  be advised to wear a crash hat for safety. Don't end up in Hospital
bulletPlease respect all the local Laws,  this is their beautiful Island for you to enjoy
bulletCarry your Passport with you when changing money at the local Banks
bulletExplore and travel around the Island, look in the local shops and stores. Pop into the supermarkets have a good look around
bulletEating out is a must and cheap too. The food is always fresh. Eat where the locals eat, its bound to be good
bulletVisit as many beaches as you can. There's lots of them to find and then take a swim in the warm sea
bulletIf you're a Diver, golden rule, always carry a knife with you when under water. It may well save your life if you become fouled under water and also......never go diving alone !
bulletDepartment of Health  Also carry your  EUROPEAN HEALTH INSURANCE CARD because your travel insurance might not provide enough cover should you fall ill.
bulletPurchase good quality TRAVEL INSURANCE before you travel for the entire period of your Holiday.






bulletCrime  - There is almost no crime on the Island except for what the tourists may bring with them though most are well behaved

Emergency - If you suddenly need assistance due to an emergency you must shout -   VOI- ITH- IYA   VOI ITHIYA 


This is the Greek word for    HELP   Shout out this word twice       VOITHIYA !     VOITHIYA !

bulletCash Machines - There are plenty of them mostly around the town centre and harbour including all the local resorts
bulletElectricity The Island uses  220VAC 2 round Pin plug sockets. You'll need a two pin adapter, but buy it here on the Island Its much cheaper than the Duty Free at Heathrow or Gatwick 
bulletMobile Phones  - All MOB phones work here but check with your UK service provider that you can  'Roam Abroad'  Text messaging is the cheapest form of communicating  with the folks back home. According to latest EU announcements, you will soon be able to use your phone throughout Europe at the same charge rates as if you are in the UK......At Last !!!
bulletCredit Cards  Credit cards and cash of course,  are accepted for payment all over the island. Most Garages accept cards but always check first by asking.
bulletBuy a local SIM Card  and use it to call home instead of using your UK SIM CARD. Tell all your friends your new temporary number.   Its also far cheaper for them to call you on your new temporary holiday number, you'll be amazed just how much calling credit you save.  We have a permanent Greek Vodafone phone number when there as we're always on the phone.  When you discover what others pay for mobile use abroad, us Brits are generally ripped-off in our own country.......period !
bulletThere are lots of INTERNET Cafe's as well. So you won't be out of touch if you don't want to be..............







                        Mobile Communications

We all know if you use your UK SIM Card phone, It will cost a lot of money just for a short call back to the UK. If you want to save on expenses when phoning home, try buying a local Greek SIM Card or a phone card with limited credit. You will save money in the long run.  We saved a packet. Here's what the cards look like......................

Pre-Paid Phone Card  Greek Vodafone SIM Card







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