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                                                 Zakynthos Island 




         A Beautiful Greek Island In the Ionian Seas


                                                                         Also Known as  ZANTE   





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                           Anna and Mike  Welcome you     


  YOUR  GREEK  ODYSSEY  Could begin Here 


This is a true story about a couple who found a beautiful  holiday island in the warm clear waters in the Ionian Seas just off the west coast of Greece.   

              Mike and Anna had discovered  a real treasure,   an Island called Zakynthos with all its modest beauty laid back soft sandy beaches and a taste of history with exciting night life.     Of all the places we travelled to  around Greece,  we found this Greek Island to be the best.   This is where we needed to come to and relax  after the every day stresses of  life in the United Kingdom.   This is a beautiful Holiday Island for Couples.

Enjoy the experience's and sights while exploring together and relaxing in many of  the wonderful secluded sandy beaches.

              We also made a truly surprising additional do read on, all will be  revealed.


  Keep Watching....This Site is Changing......the story Continues  



         Zakynthos Town  and  Harbour  - GREECE  

 A Venetian fortress used to rise over the capital but today only the gate and the outer walls are still standing. However, the view over Zakynthos Town and its surroundings from this spot is simply astonishing

Greek Weddings on Sundays with  Fire Works to Celebrate


Swim at  the World Famous Navagio Beach       "Smugglers Cove"                         




Zakynthos is a wonderful destination for couples. There are great beaches all around the island. Certain beaches can be very private if you prefer. The best ones are on the eastern side and are soft and sandy. The most popular beaches are Alikes, Alikanas, and Agassi. On the west part, the cliffs falling into the sea make the beach inaccessible but you can swim at the famous Navagio, a beach created around an actual shipwreck that can only be reached by boat, and at the Limnionas lagoon.

If You want the Dream....Come to Zakynthos 


The Kanpi Taverna......... watching a romantic Sun set together...........

Leaving  London Gatwick Airport on a rainy morning with the traffic jams far below  on the M23 motorway, we flew on south to the sun.  We couldn't wait to be back on to the Island.  Relaxing and enjoying  the sunshine, local foods with daily fresh bread from the baker just down the road  or buying fresh food at the market.  We could get fresh milk and eggs from the village shop just across the road.  Eating out at any of the many traditional Greek Taverna's is just bliss.  Swimming in the warm clean sea when-ever  and not needing to check the latest weather forecast.   Its just so healthy and refreshing with all the warm sunshine and soft sandy beaches.  After an idle dip in the warm clear sea, a visit to a Taverna for a glass of cool Retsina and fresh Greek fish salad refreshment is a must. 


  Excellent Beaches, Warm Clean Sea, Sunshine, Friendly People, Good food and Fine Wines

Zakynthos is one of the largest Ionian islands just off the west coast of Greece and south by 8.5 miles from the beautiful island of Kefalonia.  Zakynthos is an island very rich in history dating back to 1500 BC, from the Achaeans through to Roman times and more recently the Venetians. A beautiful green island with many attractions it is even possible to catch a glimpse of Loggerhead Turtles gathering to lay their eggs on the southern shores. The landscape is one of green slopes, olive groves and craggy coasts interspersed with beautiful white beaches.

Once described by the Venetians as the 'Flower of the East'  this charming island has all the positive ingredients for a great holiday and blossoming romance.  Zakynthos is a wonderful destination for couples who want to be alone with just each other. There are great beaches all around the island. The best ones are on the eastern side. The most popular beaches are Alikes, Alikanas and Turtle beach. You can go to a crowded beach or just pick a secluded sandy beach to be alone together. On the west part, the high cliffs falling into the sea make the beach inaccessible but you can swim at the famous Navagio, a beach created around an actual shipwreck that can only be reached by boat, and at the Limnionas lagoon. We found the northern part of the island quieter than the southern area.

We have made lots of friendships with the locals in the villages where we stay. The people are always happy to see you.  The Greeks are by nature hospitable, proud and very friendly people, especially towards the British.  If you can't speak Greek, they'll speak English......... Then we realized that two or three weeks holiday was never quite long enough..........................



    Spoil your self in Zakynthos and have the holiday you've always wanted                       





  Dancing and Night Clubs,                      There are plenty of them in all resorts on this island.  


Delicious healthy foods, local wine, beautiful beaches, sunshine, quaint villages, a seemingly endless lacework of coastline and little islands full of scenic surprises.

CUNARD'S  "Queen Elizabeth II "    QE2  One of many prestige cruise liners visiting  Zakynthos island and seen here for on her last voyage


CUNARD'S  New Flagship  "Queen Victoria"  CUNARD'S 's flagship cruise liner visiting  Zakynthos island during September 2011



 Lazy Days at the Beach                                                                                                       Zakynthos Town Harbour


  If you fancy a bit of Diving around the island Call:  0030 2695 049 424


 The Magic of Zakynthos at night is for Lovers  

 Be Alone..................together .....................for those very special moments.........



enjoy  a holiday in Zakynthos........................the  Sunshine .................Gorgeous beaches 







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      The famous Loggerhead Sea Turtle            Average Daily Temperature & Hours of Sunshine              Gorgeous Sandy Beaches



Spoil your self in Zakynthos and have the holiday you've always wanted.







   Ubique Navigamus                




The new town was built on the ruins of the ancient one in an attempt to preserve the traditional architecture but this was only possible in a few areas, like the spacious Solomos Square, due to great poverty the disasters of the earthquake caused to the above  population.   The long waterfront extending between the Solomos Square (on its right) and the Church of Agios Dionysios, saint patron of the island (on its left) is the most popular and crowded place of Zakynthos, gathering many restaurants, tourist shops and ferry agencies.  Another very interesting church of the town is the Church of Agios Nikolas tou Molou, located on the waterfront.

All the commercial and cultural life of the island is concentrated on the third parallel street off the waterfront. Solomos Square (Plateia in Greek) is a large square boarded by some elegantly arcaded buildings. The square was given the name of the famous Greek poet Dionysios Solomos who wrote the Greek National Hymn. A museum has been founded in honour of the life and work of the poet, and is located close to the Plateia (square) Agiou Markou.  The capital of Zakynthos also has a Museum of post-Byzantine art which stands on the Plateia Solomos, as well as a museum dedicated to the life and work of the Greek novelist and play writer Grigorios Xenopoulos, located close to the Church of Agios Dionysios.  This impressive church stands on the left end of the waterfront and is devoted to the saint patron of Zakynthos whose corpse is kept there, in a silver carved reliquary. The church also houses some beautiful and valuable wall paintings. 



  Lots of Shops and markets to browse around            High Quality Jewellery Shops          

       Anna Shopping



 Swim at Navagio The famous Smugglers Cove      Visit The Blue Caves



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If You want the Dream....Come to Zakynthos   




                    A Beautiful Zakynthian Home




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